It is with great satisfaction that we invite you all to participate in the conference SNOLA 2022 – Neuro Oncology from Translational to Future Directions, which will take place on February 11th and 12th, 2022, 100% online.

This will be the largest and most complete Neuro Oncology event in Latin America.

Snola was born and remains focused on making accessible the content of knowledge and integration of all areas involved in oncological treatments of the of the Central Nervous System, therefore, we are committed to delivering the best of the best to Latin American specialists, as we always seek to do.

Our last biannual congress  had more than 1000 participants, 201 brazilian speakers, 76 international speakears  and 7 sponsor. This success was achieved despite all the difficulties that this multidisciplinary area faces in scientific and practical terms.

The world pandemic scenario made us change our plans, and the conference that would take place in 2020 in Buenos Aires had to be postponed.

In view of the new reality, we proposed to hold the congress 100% online with scientific programming focused on what is new in our field, themes and studies that have shown promise for new protocols, new approaches to the already known ones, as well as, innovative treatments that are appearing on the horizon.

What to expect from the program content?

 Broad focus on the treatment of the main neuro oncological diseases under some of the topics such as:

Wild and Mutated IDH gliomas, Brain and spine metastases, Target therapies, Immunotherapy, Advanced radiotherapy and Surgical techniques, Meningeomas (new trends, methylation, target strategies), New trends for ependymomas, Brain mets, C-impact, Radiomics and metabolic images, Pediatric tumors, Midline gliomas, New technologies from translational to treatment, New technologies in Brain tumor surgery, Targeting metabolism Targeting immunotherapy, Targeting micro enviroment, Liquid biopsy, Malignant meningiomas and more.

All disciplines that assist neuro oncological patients will be involved, such as: Neuro-Imaging, Neuro-Pathology, Neurologists, Neuro surgeons, Oncologists, Radiotherapists, Radio surgeons, Physiatrists, Palliative Care, Onco-pediatricians and Neuro oncology researchers.

As a guarantee for a serious and robust scientific approach, the Chairs of each area are reference colleagues in their specialty and will bring the most important names worldwide.

Be prepared to join us, so, from different parts of the world, we will be together writing another page in the history of Latin American Neuro Oncology.


Welcome everyone!

Dr. Marcos Maldaun